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MorningTide Arc Lighter (Waterproof Rechargeable)
MorningTide Arc Lighter (Waterproof Rechargeable)

MorningTide Arc Lighter (Waterproof Rechargeable)

Probably the best fishing accessory you can get! No more trying to burn fishing knots out of the wind, or burning your fingers and eyelashes when finishing your leader knots! This is a dual electrical spark lighter that run's from a USB rechargeable battery.

Waterproof case
Wind Resistant
Battery power
Recharged by USB cable (supplied)





2.0 USB standard charging jack: charging time is 2 hours

Capacity: about 100-200 uses

High temperature resistant ceramic cup, electronic arc design

Strict polishing, material-selection, proofing, electroplating and aging resistance material on ignition hole ensures a high quality of the plasma lighter.

Uses of the flameless lighter:

perfect as an outdoor lighter

candle lighter

rechargeable lighter

Fire starter tool

Windproof and buoyant

The waterproof wilderness lighter with O-ring sealed cover and locking clasp makes it durable

Impact resistant ABS Zinc alloy case

Windproof flame can withstand winds up to 80 mph (129 km/H)

Featuring an impact resistant ABS Zinc alloy design, the top clips securely closed to keep out water and the elements.

The lighter offers easy push-button operation for quick fire starting in any conditions

Packaged in a gift box

Easy and simple push button operation, it has a convenient blue indicator that lights when in use and a 10-second time-out safety feature

The waterproof electric lighter ignition sparks a flame even in wet conditions

Compact lighter is nicely pocketable, great for outdoor use

Package include:

1*Double Arc waterproof lighter

1*USB cable