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Morningtide Toucher
Morningtide Toucher

Morningtide Toucher

Floating Stickbait

These handcrafted stickbaits are made in Japan by our good mate and fellow fisherman Ryota Segawa! Ryota is a unique lure builder because he has a tonne of experience with Kingfish from the rocks, so naturally, this lure has been specifically designed for the sometimes very elusive Kingi. That said we have tested them on GT and found they froth pretty hard on it as well! A Modern take on the traditional Floating Stickbait the Toucher is easy to get swimming even in raging current!

Ryota recommends 3/0 Tribbles, 5/0 Kudako Singles or 3/0 Belly Trebble and a 5/0 Kudako Tail Single for a traditional floating stickbait action.

Briggsy uses a 4/0 Belly Treb and 6/0 Kudako Tail Single for a more dulled down action that allows tip down, straight wind swimming in current (lazy fisherman hook settings)